School Information

Special Features of Our School


Daily fitness and PE skills programmes operate throughout the school. School wide sports for 2017

will include: swimming sports, athletics and cross-country.

Inter-school events for 2017 include:

Term 1 - swimming sports, Rippa Rugby Term 2 – 7-a-side winter sports, large ball tournament, cross-country

Term3 – orienteering Term 4 – athletics

Weekend Sport teams: soccer, netball, hockey (indoor & outdoor), softball, T-ball.

Jump Jam

The whole school, including the teachers, take part in this Kids’ Aerobics Programme for 15 mins

Three times a week.

Education Outside The Classroom (EOTC)

The Yr 6 three day camp will be held at Brookfields camp in Term 1.Yr 5 two day camp will be at Holdsworth in Term 4. All classes will take part in EOTC activities related to Inquiry Learning Topics and end of the year trips.

Environmental Education

Children are responsible for our recycling programme and mini garden development.

The Arts

This year Tara Tahi team will be doing a production in Term 3.


Each year we enter teams in the Wairarapa Chess Tournament. We have been placed in the top 3 schools over

the past 5 years.

Gifted and talented

We will cater for children who are gifted and talented in the following ways:

* clearly identify these children * support music programmes

* establish in-class support and extension * buddy school extensions

* One Day Centre – Masterton Schools cluster * outside school academic comps

* Learn Now – on-line in school programme

Learning Support Programmes The BoT financially supports the following:

* Reading Recovery/ Reading Together

* Phonics awareness/ Language Support – teacher aide

* Literacy/ Maths recovery- Part –time teacher

* In-class teacher aide support (where the BoT can afford this)

* Te Reo – 5 hours a week provided by BoT – support for all classes

We also work with outside agencies such as RTLB learning and behaviour support,

Reading Literacy Teacher, SPELD, Social Worker in School and the Public Health Nurse.

Family Contribution

A family donation per term is expected. Quality education can no longer be delivered by relying solely upon the Operational Grant from the Ministry of Education. Contributions are as follows:

* $30 for one child per term

* $25 per child per term for two children

* $20 per child per term for three or more children

10% discount applies if the year’s donation is paid in full by the end of term one.

Parent Help

The school would like to encourage parents to participate in the life of the school. You may be interested in helping in the classrooms, assisting with learning support programmes, processing library books, supervision and/or transport on trips, coaching sports teams, attending sports and open days, assemblies and social occasions.

Parent Information Evenings

Information evening –School Plans for the Year & Meet your Teacher

Will be held on the 16th February at 7pm. Please mark this on the calendar


Each year in the first two weeks of school we have a school picnic. This is a chance Feb meet new families. This year we will have this at school on the 24th February 11.30- 2.30 at the Genesis Pool and Children’s Park opposite. This will coincide with our Solway Swim Sports.

Progress through the School

There are many factors which can influence children’s progress through the school:

* Time of year they enter school

* Maturity

* Academic progress

We are happy to discuss your child’s progress through the school at any stage. We may also approach you if we feel that your child may be advantaged in some way by a classroom change.

Reporting to Parents

The school operates an open door policy which means teachers are happy to make arrangements with you to discuss pupil progress and concerns as the need arises. Achievement Books go home at the end of each term. These are samples of work covered during the term and any testing carried out. Work is assessed by teachers in accordance with our assessment programme. Achievement Books are for you to view and make a positive comment related to your child’s achievement over the term. Testing and assessment enables us to see what children know related to the NZ Curriculum Learning Outcomes. Term 2 and 4 National Standards reports on literacy and numeracy. Interviews are held at the end of term 1. An informal interview is held at the end of Term 3.

Road Patrol/Safety/Drop Off/Collecting Zone

Ngaumutawa Road is a dangerous heavy traffic bypass. The speed limit outside the school is 50km/h.We have strict safety rules that need to be followed. Adults and children must cross the road at the Kea Crossing point at all times. Failing to use the Kea Crossing sets a poor example for the children. The Kea Road Patrol operates once a day – 2.50 – 3.15pm. Our drive-through drop off and collecting zone works well. Please be aware that the bus has priority use at 8.15am and 3.00pm. Do not park and search for children in this area as it is a drop off and pick up zone only.


Tranzit provides our school bus service for children in Norfolk Road, West Taratahi and East Taratahi catchment areas.

Children should not need to bring to school

* Toys (unless on special days arranged by teacher)

* Electronic games

* Skateboards, roller blades/roller shoes

* Inappropriate food such as lollies or soft drink

* Jewellery other than watches, ear studs, emergency (Medic Alert) bracelets/necklaces

* Make up (including nail polish)

* Approval for anything else needs to be given by the Principal


A climate of openness exists in our school. If you are unhappy about any aspect of the school you need to come and talk to us. If it is a classroom issue please see your child’s teacher first. If this is not resolved please see the Deputy or Assistant Principal. If you are still unhappy or, for some reason, find it difficult to approach the teaching staff, please arrange to see the Principal. If you still feel unhappy please contact a member of the BoT.

Class Placement

At the end of each year parents have a two week opportunity to discuss issues related to their child’s placement for the following year. This discussion is invited before we arrange the classes. We are happy to discuss issues that relate to: relationship issues with other children, maturity, academic concerns, and whether (or not) twins may need separating. Parents will not be able to choose teachers. If you enrol a child during the year at a level other than new entrant, class placement will be at the discretion of the Principal.


Children under the age of 10 years should not be riding a bike to school. Ngaumutawa Road is a dangerous, heavy traffic bypass road, in a 100 km/h area, so road safety awareness is essential. For children cycling to school, an approved cycle helmet is compulsory.

Daily Requirements

* Breakfast – no fuel, no learning

* Sufficient food for morning tea and lunch. Water is best for the brain. Rubbish left over food is taken home each day in lunch boxes.

* Arrive at school 20 minutes before the 8.55am bell

* Homework, reading and library books returned

* Correct stationery and equipment to start each day

* Excellent manners and bright smiles

Dental Therapist

The dental therapist assigned to Solway is Viv Dixon and she is based at MIS. Her contact number is 3786496.

School Hours

* Morning session: 8,55 am - 11.10 am

11,30am - 12.45 pm

* Afternoon session: 1.45 pm - 3.00 pm

Teacher supervision after school is until 3.20pm. ALL children must be picked up by then please as teachers often attend meeting after 3.20pm, sometimes off the school site. We cannot therefore guarantee a child’s safety after this time. If you are unable to pick your children up by this time, please arrange for someone else to do so. Oasis and Whatman After School vans collect children attending their respective programmes at this time.


All children are issued with a stationery kit that has been organised by the classroom teacher. The prices are competitive. No stationery is covered by fees/donations or by the Ministry of Education. Parents must pay for these items. We are happy to set up direct payment options for parents/caregivers at any time.

Sun smart

Our school operates a compulsory sunhat policy. Sunhats have been purchased by the school and these will remain at school. All hats are numbered and children will need to wear them to play outside during Terms 1 and 4. Classes are also provided with sunscreen.


Swimming is a compulsory part of the school PE programme during the summer. Please ensure that children bring their togs in a waterproof bag each day. When it is their swim time teachers will decide if it is too cold to swim on a day to day basis. If children are unable to swim they will need a note excusing them with valid reason given.

Pool keys are available for families to use our pool for $40.00 from the office.

School Uniforms

School uniforms are compulsory and are available from Postie Plus.

Footwear: Plain brown, black or navy shoes or sandals.

Socks: Navy blue or black.

No crocs or leggings are to be worn.

Sports Reps:

This year sports tops (available to purchase at school) and navy shorts (any style)are compulsory for all children representing the school in any sports event.

School Newsletters

Our school newsletters are the most important form of communication with parents and caregivers. The newsletter comes home every Tuesday in your child/rens bag. PLEASE, please read this as soon as possible as this often contains very important information related to events at the school that week. We also publish the newsletter on our website.

School Website:

We have a very good website. It is informative and user friendly. Classes have their own pages sharing plenty of children’s work, information for parents and homework activities from teachers. This year we will put our survey on the website and there will be a principal’s blog for parents/caregivers to interact with the principal regarding anything they may wish to discuss or reply to.

School Houses

We have a school ‘house’ system. This involves all children. We aim to encourage leadership, a sense of belonging among the children with a touch of competition. Older children are expected to support younger ones, acting as role models in whatever events or activities are taking place.

ABC of Important Things You Need To Know


For safety reasons parents/caregivers must notify the school office by 9.00am if students are going to be away or late. Once a child turns six, attendance at school is a legal requirement. We are required to ensure children attend school regularly and punctually. Children must be at school before the 8.55am bell. Continually truant children will be referred to Truancy Officers and, if necessary, CYFS.


Whole school assemblies are held fortnightly, usually alternate Fridays. Times will be announced in school newsletter.

After School Classes

We will run after school classes, if there are available tutors and children are interested. If you have a talent you wish to share please contact the Principal.

Behaviour Concerns

We aim to;

* Create a happy, positive and safe environment for all children

* Encourage children to be friendly, respectful, cooperative and accept responsibility for their actions

* Apply zero tolerance of bullying

* Teach the skills required for positive interaction between students and help children learn to resolve conflict in appropriate ways

* To do this we have established a school-wide behaviour programme. Classroom contracts are developed and signed by the children and teacher. A copy of this is sent home to parents who are expected to support this programme

* When we all work positively to solve difficulties children see good models to follow

* Parents will be contacted by teachers if they have concerns with a child’s behaviour

* Parents may receive a slip of paper saying their child has been in the ‘time out’ room. The reason will be recorded. If you wish to talk to someone about this please go to your child’s teacher in the first instance. If we have serious concerns with your child’s behaviour a meeting with you will be arranged

Board of Trustees

The Board is currently comprised of five elected parent representatives, a staff representative and the Principal. The BOT are responsible for all areas of governance. Meetings are open to the public. Minutes and other meeting information are available at the school office. This year a report will be attached to the newsletter at the end of each term.


New Entrant: Children enrolling at school for the first time should present some form of ID e.g. birth certificate or passport. We encourage all parents of new entrant children to arrange pre-entry visits to Kanuka. This helps the child to become familiar with the teacher, other children, the surroundings and routines before beginning school. When enrolling five year olds, an immunisation certificate obtained from your doctor must be presented. This is a directive from the Ministry of Health.

Other Enrolments: We welcome enrolments at all levels, subject to the school’s enrolment scheme. If you live in our enrolment zone, (Refer to back page) you have automatic entry to Solway. If you do not, you will need to contact the office for further details related to our scheme. The Principal will conduct enrolments and is always willing to show prospective families our school.


We need parents to help us organise and support events throughout the year. Your ideas are most welcome. Selina Wyeth and Hannah Gain help organise events.


Parents will be notified by classroom teachers of the expectations for their children’s homework at the beginning of each year. The purposes are to:

* Provide a learning link between home and school

* Provide opportunities to reinforce classroom skills

* Engage children in developing good work habits

Homework should not be longer than 30 minutes a night. This may involve reading a reader or library book, learning spelling words, practising basic maths skills/times tables, researching a current topic or completing work outstanding from the classroom.

Keeping School Informed

Good liaison between home and school is essential. It is important that teachers know of any physical or emotional upsets which could affect your child during the day. Teachers always appreciate a visit, phone call, email or written message to keep them informed.


The library is open during class times. Parents are asked to ensure these books are returned to school.

Lost Property

It is important that all articles of uniform and clothing are clearly named. NB Labels can be cut off. When unmarked clothing is found it goes into the Lost Property box outside Matai, which is accessible to both parents and children. Please check that your child is not wearing another child’s item, as it happens – especially during the swimming season.


Parents are encouraged to ensure children’s lunchboxes contain nutritious food. Friday lunches available.

Money at School

Money brought to school should be in an envelope with the child’s name on it and labelled e.g. book club, stationery, lunch order, etc. parents will be notified in writing of any requests for money.